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Contemporary Arabic calligraphy free form sculpture, Poem by Al Sayyab
Perspex 30x30 cm

Contemporary Arab Islamic Art -

The voice of an Iraqi Female Artist.  


Cherished Home keys
Mixed media 80x70 cm
Nov 2023


Embossed limited Edition prints

My work seeks to create a harmonious fusion of key features of Islamic art and distinctive characteristics of Arab culture in a contemporary form.


Surat AL Fath
The Quran: Form, Fragrance &Feeling  Showing at the Aga Khan centre exhibition
Mixed media on canvas, 30x30 cm 2023

Al Ikhlas surah sculptural  from,  Perspex
Born in Baghdad and spent most of my in London.
Art has enabled me to bridge the cultural and religious differences I have experienced while giving me a powerful tool to address issues close to my heart. 

Perspex, 35x35 cm


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