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Cuneiform text, screen printed on silk
mixed media, recycled news, wire mounted on wood.


the letter Kha in brush stroke.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 - The Quran: Form,Fragrance & Feelin, The Aga Khan cente, London

2019 - Kunoz, Artists from the Middle East , London 2019

2012    Beyond the Frame Cuban Contemporary Art. UK .

2010 - Women Of Mesopotamia , Chamber of Commerce , London  

2006 -  Occupied space, Art for Palestine, Gallery 27, London.


2002 - Three Creative Women. Malmo/Sweden.

2000 - Eastern Art, Inma Gallery, El-Khubr, Saudi Arabia.

1998 - Group exhibition in Al Rawq Gallery, Manama, Bahrain.

1998 - Glazed Expressions & The Written Word, Twickenham

1996 - Refugee …Drain or Grain? London, UK.

1995 - Women Artists from The Islamic World, Islington     Museum

1994 - World Women`s Art On Line, UN International Conference,

            Beijing, China.

1993 - The First Females Biennially, Stockholm, Sweden.

1993 - Group exhibition in Inma Gallery, El-Khubr, Saudi Arabia.

1993 - Group exhibition in Collins Gallery, Scotland.

1992 - Strains of War, Greenwich Gallery, UK.

1992 - Roots, Imperial College, London, UK.

1992 - Out of Iraq, Camden Lock, UK.

1992 - Group exhibition in Tom Allan Arts Centre, London, UK

1992 - Group exhibition in Nour Gallery, Manama, Bahrain.

1992 - Group exhibition in Artizana Gallery, Manchester, UK.

1992 - Forces Of Change, National Museum For Women In The Arts,

            Washington  DC, USA

1992 - Colours of Asia, Black Art Gallery, London, UK.

1988 - Arab Woman Artists, Kufa Gallery, London, UK.

Solo Exhibitions 

2022 - Illuminations, ABCC, London.

2016 - Between Then, Here and Now.  Salam house Humanitarian    

            Dialogue Foundation.

2013 - Reflections, Iraqi Cultural Centre. London

2009 - A Dream Ago, Islington Museum, London. UK.

2005 - Shadow & Light, West Eleven Galleries,London.UK

2002 - Ballad Beyond Places, Kufa Gallery, London, UK.

1998 - Vision Within, Belgravia Square, London, UK.

1996 - Towards Light, SOAS, London, UK.

1996 - Prologue of Blues, SOAS, London, UK.

1994 - The Chant of Rain, SOAS, London, UK.

1993 - Mesopotamian Tones, SOAS, London, UK.

1991 - Earth... Water… Light… Omphalos Gallery, London, UK.


Public Collection

The British Museum, UK.

Iraqi Embassy, London.

National Gallery of Jordan, Amman.

Arab British Chamber of Commerce.

 Spoke at numerous cultural events and schools on the subject of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic Art.

Khulood Da`mi

My work is a dialogue between cultures and faiths. embracing the pluralism and diversity of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Born and raised in Iraq, Islam was a trans-formative influence on my art whilst Baghdad's multi-cultural demographic also helped to form my artistic identity by absorbing the many theistic and ethnic voices that surrounded me.


I seek to create a harmonious fusion between these various  influences, deploying particular elements of Islamic art and  Arab culture in a contemporary form. I strive to illustrate the often subtle similarities that bind our faiths and cultures together, adapting the symbolic language of calligraphy. 


Indeed I am fascinated by calligraphy, particularly the fluid but powerful forms that can be applied to illuminate all styles of text within a book, or to adorn grand ceilings and buildings as a celebration of identity. These majestic shapes can be subtle whilst the patterns can be intricate – but all culminating  in a symphony of geometry which stresses the spiritual importance of unity, logic, and order, with no boundaries.


The sacred and iconic concept of ‘Nour’, the Arabic word for light and enlightenment, has been a omnipresent feature across my work. For example, the elements of light and shadow have been manifested through the use of iridescent tones on my prints displaying light  peeking through gracefully carved letters or geometric reliefs created out of wood, Perspex or ceramics.


I believe that art is a profound way to embrace diversity and plurality, reflecting the  core tenets of my work. Harmonious coexistence of diverse  artistic practices can make huge strides in bringing down barriers  and reaching out.

Cuneiform text, screen printed on silk
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